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We will accept “OEM” collaborated with p+g design items.

We will accept “OEM” collaborated with p+g design items.

Dear customers who would like to consider OEM with our silicone items

p+g design is a brand name of silicone variety goods which was founded in 2008, designed, developed, manufactured and sold by PG Design Inc. p+g design silicone items has been loved from people throughout the world since they were first on sale, being sold at variety goods stores, department stores, and also famous museum shops like MoMA in New York.
In 2013, and 2014, we awarded GOOD DESIGN for the silicone clasp pouches POCHI series.
We would appreciate to get an inquiry after you have understood that p+g design is our important brand which we grew up with care.

Birth of the silicone clasp pouch “POCHI”

Any inquiries for OEM

  • Please be noticed that we could accept quantities more than 3,000pcs per 1 order (please ask about the quantity, color, or item).
  • For any quotation requests, please prepare some information which includes the number of colors you wish to print, quantity, and schedule(rough will be fine).

We have commuter pass case and original molds as well as the clasp type or zipper pouch items.
We are always welcome to make suggestion and discuss with you at our show room by introducing our actual items.

Quality for p+g design items

p+g design items are all designed in Tokyo, Japan, and manufactured in China. Our consigned factory is in sanitary condition as they manufacture silicone kitchen goods. We use high grade silicone which could pass the food inspection as well as the European standard. We set our own quality standard, and put effort on improvement and stability.

About imitation products

Quality for p+g design items

Other things we can offer you

  • Design and provide an image of the item with your original print.
  • Introduce your original item in our SNS account (please provide the price, and shop information about the item)
  • Provide some simple promotional image data by taking photos by ourselves.

We also propose with materials other than silicone,
please ask for any.

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