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Here are the frequently asked questions.
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What is p+g design?

It’s brand name for silicone made items we (PG Design, Inc.) create.
Our items including original item “POCHI” (silicone made pouch with clasp) were designed by in-company designers in Tokyo, Japan. Line of silicone pouches were very well received and the items are loved by people from a wide range of ages and genders in all over the world.

Uneven color density on the product / slight transparent of inside metal fittings

Due to nature of silicone rubber, you might find uneven color density on the product or slight transparent inside metal fittings. This does not affect product quality, and it’s non-defective product.
*Uneven color density is likely to occur especially for the items of orange / brownish colors.
* Slight transparent of inside metal fittings is likely to be found the items of Yellow, Green, Purple and Orange colors.

Where can I buy p+g design items?

Our items are sold at specialty stores, general shops, gift shops in Japan. Please see the shop list page for the details. Please contact the shop directly in case you would like to know availability of the particular item.

Can I buy through online shop?

We run official online shop “@SILICONE!”. Most of all items are available.
(Sorry, currently we don’t ship internationally.)

I have seen silicone made pouches other than p+g design items. How can I recognize original items?

We created the world’s first silicone made pouch “POCHI”.
There’s brand logo on each product. *
Please be careful low-quality imitation products. Trimming is rough, and product body is thin and poor and many functional defects. Please read more on "About imitation products", "Production note" page.
(*There’s the product without p+g design logo on the items produced before 2012. (You can find p+g mark inside.))

Packaging seems different when I bought the items before.

Thank you for purchasing our items. We are improving products constantly.
Product specification, material and color might be different depending on time of purchase. We appreciate your kind understanding.

Products got dirty.

We recommend washing with use of dish soap (neutral detergent for household use).
*Please do not use dishwasher.

Is silicone item of p+g design waterproof?

Material silicone itself is waterproof, but the items are not.
Please be careful when using near waterside.

I’d like to exchange purchased product since it seems defective.

(Following information is for customers in Japan only)
Please contact us by phone / e-mail first.
After contacting our staff, please send the item to our office** with information of the store you purchased. After we confirm the product, we will prepare replacement and send it to you. In case you would like to return the item, please ask the store you purchased directly.
*Please kindly note that we accept to exchange unused product with initial defect only. Even unused product, we are not able to accept after 6months from date of purchase.
*We are not able to accept to exchange the item according to customer’s personal preferences. (Changing to another color / another style product)
*In case the item is considered “non-defective” by our product standards, we are not able to offer replacement.
** Address: 4F Yanai Bldg., 3-1-3 Kuramae, Taito-ku, Tokyo 〒111-0051
PG Design Inc.

Can I purchase parts to connect product and karabiner / neck strap only?

Accessory parts set include connect parts, karabiner and neck strap is sold at our official online shop “@SILICONE!”. (Online shop is for customers in Japan only.)

Product smells. Can I ask to exchange?

During production and packing, there’s process of cleaning and deodorizing. Though, in rare cases, there’re some items with remaining smell of material. It will get decreasing with time, and it doesn’t affect health.

Does the item cause color transfer?

Not like leather or fabric items, even getting wet or rubbing, there’s no worries about color transfer.

Customer Support

In case you cannot find the answer for your question, please contact us.
E-mail : oversea@pgdesign.com

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